Central line…

July 23, 2006 at 11:00 am

When I first got sick & was dx with GBS in April of 2002 I was given 5 plasma pheresis via insertion of a catheter in the groin area? I remember I could not sit up at all for a week. Then I continued to deteriorate & I was given IVIG & steroids via IVs in my arms; soon I ran out of veins & they put a PICC line in my arm, which lasted from June 2002-November 2002.

When they wanted to try PP again, I had surgery & had an ash split catheter inserted into my chest with two pigtails coming out of my right breast. I was then given 3 months of PP, IVIG & then steroids every Friday, using the catheter for all 3. This treatment did nothing for me. It was then decided I needed cytoxan infusions, & I was given 9 months of chemo & weekly solumedrol via this same catheter. I would have this in for 15 months, until I was off of all treatments. Why can’t they use your central line for IVIG?