June 20, 2010 at 1:02 am

hey Sandila can i ask you a few questions about your cellulitus ive allways had swelling in my legs back in december my legs started blistering and left started leaking i mean badly it would leave a wet spot on the floor i bet i lost a pint of water a day from it.was so bad i had to use maxie pads bandages would leak in 15 min i went thru this for 5 months.i go to wound care every 2 weeks they made me start wearing tubeuflex compression socks if i wear them after about 5 hrs my knees up start filing with water and hurt really bad i started falling all of a sudden march 27 out of the blue i have never been the same since i can get around the house but if i go anywhere i have to use the walker.i dont go in any stores unless they have scooters im a rather big guy 240 lbs takes 2 people to get me up i can get up but i realy hurt my feet doing it. i guess im scared and dont want to be embarrased taking the chance walking in stores. my calves get really hard and if i bend my knees more then 1/4 of the way my calf and back of my leg above the knee hit each other and cause pain .my left calf gets hard as a rock from the swelling. my question for you when you say you need a walker what part of you legs seem to be the culprit. mine is my knees its like they dont lock out and i step and they collapse. i know im hurting myself i try to get on the excersize bike often as i can. but im not walking enough wich doesnt help. a friend of mine told me a good thing to do wich i started was sit in an arm chair or computer chain practice standing up do this as many times that your comfortable doing its the best thing you can do to build muscles back up in your legs. Dave