Cells in a muddle

November 15, 2006 at 11:36 am

Mom’s just a bit of haematology. Red cells are red, shaped like doughnuts, a torus to the mathematician; they carry oxygen on the pigment haemoglobin to supply oxygen to body tissues.

White cells are a variety of clear envelopes with granular nuclei; some are T cells, some are B cells, as a group these are granulocytes dealing with defence and immunity; another group of white cells are monoytes, envelopes with a single robust nucleus, these are the rubbish carts for removing waste material resulting from the work of the granulocytes.

Finally there are platelets which provide some of the factors needed to cause blood to clot and stop bleeding.
Excess platelets (600-1000) is thrombocythaemia, it is only significant with abnormal looking platelets, an abnormal bone marow and abscence of the Philadelphia chromosome. DocDavid