Cell0Cept, Prendiasone IvIg

October 16, 2008 at 9:36 pm

OK folks, I shouldn’t complain. I ca walk, etc. Two months on the CellCept, I might say the numbness is better but the sick, kinda bloah side effect/CIDP effects are worse?!

The muscle atropy has spread to my mid back (old trauma site) I consulted an Ortho, to make sure there wasn’t like impingement, he said no. I’ve had 3 Neuros and consulted w one on the BGS Board from Johns Hopkins?

I’ve been advised I’m at “Maximal Therapy” and well, I’m not getting better? When/how do I, shoud I, press for Plasma Exchange? JH Doc and Local Dovc claim, I’m not that bad yet? I’m having trouble taking care of my kids, house, etc, even not working- isn’t non functional “bad Enough?!?

Y’all are so much more patient than I, and MAN! talk about a Lonely Fight?
what woman, in her right mind, would befriend this 46 year old Train Wreck?

Just thoughts n Opinions are sought n Appreciated,

God Bless,