Cell Cept- Mycophenolate

February 16, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Can cause Hair loss, as does Cytoxine, Cyclosporin, Ratuxant, all can cause hair loss.

Resding these posts two things come to mind; I, maybe shouldn’t complain? b0 Maybe they are off on diagnosis?

IvIg produced NEGATIVE results (for me)/

the Mycophenolate has me kindof stabil- they, now are suggestng this “monnoclonal gammopathy IgM paraprotien elevation” is the problem andthat my hopes for getting stronger are much less? Anybody know about this?

Anyhow, muscles randomly, seem to be effected. I can push, pull squeeze, walk, but stand, hold it, lift, forget it, DOES ANYONE HAVE TROUBLE SWALLOWING?

I feel like I’m not wining here?