March 5, 2010 at 6:27 pm

I take Celebrex all the time. It takes the ache away, espeically after infusions, when I tend to get an inflammation flair a day or two after my IVIG.
Before my IVIG started, the tops of my feet were red. the IVIG cleaned up most of that, but residual seems to stay there. I found through trial and error that Gluten creates more pain for me. so I don’t eat any wheat or breads.

Prior to Diagnosis, I took aleve constantly, thought I had arthritis, until it got so bad it became numbing.

Any of the basic anti-inflammatory line up causes Liver ALT and AST to rise.
Celebrex does not. so I use it for pain.

I was taking codeine but my job put a stop to that. I take Ultram 300mg everyday, celebrex when I can’t stand it, and Klonopin for muscle relaxing.
Seems to keep me from freakin out from pain.
See ya–Tim–