CDC about flu shots

November 11, 2009 at 10:13 pm

The CDC is well aware of the flu shots causing GBS or they would not allow the commercials for any immunization to put the disclaimer saying that anyone who has had GBS should not take the shot. I see that disclaimer all the time on the commercial for Gardasil.
Also the CDC has a compensation program for people who got GBS from the flu shot.
Nate’s neurologist told me that there is a wealth of info out there in print documenting that flu shots can cause GBS.
He also told me that he can tell by what it did to Nate, that his was from the flu shot he had 3 wks before the onset of GBS.
We have also had primary care doctors tell us that flu shots cannot cause GBS, but then they are not experts in the field. His neurologist is definitely.