cause of gbs

May 22, 2006 at 6:12 pm

Hello everyone. It’s good to have contact with old friends once more.

The six months prior to GBS were very stressful, attending college, working night shift and having all my childhood vaccines repeated. The military hospital required positive titers for everything before hiring clinical workers. I had a long history of low back problems with surgery six years before and was experiencing a flare up that did not respond to NSAIDS or steroids. So the neuro had an anesthesiologist inject a mix of drugs into the area of my spinal canal surrounding the L4-5 vertebra. Two days later I developed numbness in my hands and feet and two days after that I could no longer walk. Two weeks later I was paralyzed and without feeling (but as we all know in terrible pain). It took almost a month to get a diagnosis.

God bless you all,