Carpal Tunnel vs GBS

October 10, 2006 at 9:04 am

I had an EMG a year after being diagnosed with GBS. Results were all very predictable…Carpel tunnel, RLS, Neuropathy. That I ‘felt’ going into the test. Braces were suggested, I didn’t get them; tried neurotin and Requip, it didn’t work.

Thanks, jquinney, for sharing your story on surgery. Sorry to hear you had to go through it but know it probablly made the decision for a lot of us on whether or not to have the CT procedure when it may not be CT at all.

That’s how this forum helps!

I am on Clonazepam (generic form of ceberclon). I haven’t heard anyone mention using it on the forum, but it helps in some much needed sleep at night. It is best known for treating seizure disorders, but is used as a cross-over drug for treating nerves. Makes since since it’s job is to calm the area of the brain controlling the central nervous system. I take it only at night and very small doses. It seems to quiet the nerve pain and residuals I was experiencing from GBS. (At least until morning)

jquinny, Thanks for sharing your story,