Carolyn, please clarify

September 22, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Carolyn: I would like further clarification.
This is your quote a few posts down on this thread; so to whom are you referring here?
[B]”I sent you a private message, but never heard back. So I assumed you did not want to put effort into your healng.” [/B]

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You did send me a private message, and I didn’t reply back, so I’d just like further clarification as to whom you are referring to.

[QUOTE=Carolyn]I am so glad that BabyDuck and Chirpy Birdy are feeling better by adjusting their diet. I liked how one said that they now feel in control. Just by making simple adjustments, we can see positive results. I wish I had known this 20 years ago. That is why I post these ideas, because I wish I would have known earlier. It would have saved me other health issues at that time.

[B]Not sure to whom I sent the private message, but I did not expect a reply and said so in that message.[/B] Some people want to put their healing into the hands of a medical professional 100%. Some want more control. I just offered my help in case they wanted to explore complimentary alternatives. Either way was fine and no reply was necessary.

As for the complexities of Naturopathy – the most difficult thing is pronouncing it. There are no special foods to buy necessarily. Just eliminating foods that are not good for you and eating more foods that are good. I eliminate peanut butter, potatoes, tomatoes and eat meat once a week without a carb(bread) so that it gets absorbed. Tina suggested that healthy foods are more expensive. I did not say to buy Organic. I suppose it would be better, but I do not. As for transportation, I walk to the grocery store or take a bus.[/QUOTE]