Carolyn is home!!

April 22, 2008 at 7:15 am

Carolyn finally came home 😀 on Friday, April 18, and has been here for 4 days now. The discharge went very smooth and all the equipment was delivered to our home. Brendan took off work on Friday as well as his parents who took the children for the day.

We’ve got Carolyn set up in an extension to our kitchen where we normally put the kitchen table. We’ve sectioned it off with curtains so she can have privacy and take a nap now and then. An evaluation of her condition was done on Saturday and we’re waiting to see what home care she will be eligible to have. My wife, Kathi, Brendan and I were trained in how to get her into andout of a wheelchair from her bed, meds and excersizing her. She still has relatively little feelng in her legs but her upper body is beginning to function somwhat. She has difficulty holding anything in her hands so her small motor skills need work.

It’s great to see her eldest, Ownen (who will be 3 years old July 31) get in bed with Mommy and adore her. The little guy, Aiden, at 9 months now, was only 6 months old when Carolyn went in the hospital will have to get to know her as time passes. Yesterday I tried to hold Carolyns hand while she fed Aiden so he could interact with her. He seemed oblivious but I know there will be a deeper connection as Carolyn heals.

Her mood has been sullen for the most part and she wonders if she’ll ever get well even though she’s made great strides within the past few weeks. She does not want the neurologist from the hospital. He recommends 3 more IVIG treatments over the next 3 months. She had terrible headaches from this and double vision so she’s not sure she wants it. Will it really help? Is it worth the risk? We’ve scheduled a highly recommended neurologist in our area, Dr. Roger Benhar, for May 7 to evaluate her and to get a second opinion on the IVIG.

If you have any recommendations, please tell me.