caregiver in need

January 3, 2007 at 7:07 am

Brandy – Thanks for your reply. My mother doesn’t want anyone else to come into the home to help care for her. She is 78 and expects me to do it all with no help. Every time I leave the house, always with her safe, she wants to know where, when, how and with whom I am with. Like when I was young. The dementia is selective. Maybe not so much dementia but a control and power thing. I do need to talk to someone. I was going to try therapy but can’t afford it. I am logged in with a caregivers support group, but somedays that doesn’t help me thru things. I am getting depressed too. I think mom is alittle depressed too. I can’t let this effect my marriage. I am taking mom to the dr for follow up at Magee and will ask for a social worker or something. She asks me the same thing over and over again. She is starting to get meaner and her words are very hurtful. Is this dementia or just her.
What should I ask the Dr.? How do they test for dementia? How do they test for depression? Thanks again Brandy fellow NJ resident.

[QUOTE=Brandy]Hi Donna,

As a caregiver this is very hard on the family. If you have anyone else that can pitch in and help out, let them, you need a break too.

What is going on with your Mom that makes you think she has dementia?
Why not speak to her Drs about it and let them talk to her and test her. If she is on meds for pain, it could be the meds making her brain not work properly.[/QUOTE]