cancer and cidp

May 17, 2009 at 5:27 pm

I have had the cidp since 2005 we arent really sure what triggered it, could have been the virus I had or the surgical procedure, both around the same time so cant pin point it. I have rectal cancer that has invaded the vaginal region so after recovering from my treatments I will be having a permanent colostomy and a partial vaginectomy. I stay so scared that with every procedure I will have a relapse but so far I have steadily gotten a little better so maybe I will continue to do so. I am down to just 6 more treatments and then on to the next step to my recovery.

I too deal with the burning in my legs and feet and I am in a wheelchair, I am only able to use my walker for short distances and walk unassisted for only a few feet. The foot drop and loss of balance are my biggest issues at this time.