Can you recommend a Neurologist in TX, one that has dealt with GBS?

June 22, 2008 at 1:47 pm

Thank you for the prayers and support. I noticed Perry you are from TX, do you happen to know of a neurologist in TX that has dealt with GBS?

I am sorry for all that rambling in last nights post. I was just waaay stressed to even explain, this hospital my granddaughter was in is a civilian hospital. The nursing home/long term care place they moved her to is also civilian, both in AR.
Why would they release her the same day they stuck a trek in her throat, only to move her two days later to San Antonio. Seems they could have safed her that stress being she already been there for over a month now anyway, what would two more days be!
Can anyone please tell me if this is common being move to a nursing home type facility between ICU stay and Rehab?

Thank you once again for all you do!