Can relate!

June 3, 2011 at 9:05 pm

I approach most things in life with humor, so had to do this for the ADLs giving me problems. I decided to look at whatever was frustrating me (like opening a chip bag/candy bar/bottle of anything/etc/etc) as if I were viewing it as a situation comedy on TV. Now I keep a humor journal because some of it really is funny! Example, while standing in the corner of my kitchen counter trying to open a bag of lunch meat, I got frustrated and, rather than use the kitchen scissors on the counter near me – ok, might have a stubborn streak – I gave the bag one last big tug. I pulled so hard, my arms flew back, the bag came open, and the meat went flying out in one big clump, did a few flips over my head and then landed on my lunch plate!!!! Cracked me up!!!

I can still work, but not much more because of my physical limitations, but love God’s sense of humor (hmmmmm – might be where I got mine!!) as the things I truly cannot do anymore are my chores! :p What a hoot! And while I truly miss gardening (I’m a closet farmer), I don’t miss the other ones!!!! And another blessing through this is that during this time of high unemployment, I’m keeping a handy man, housekeeper and lawn service group employed (of course, now I’m broke … ).