Can I say BOO? to the relapse?

July 17, 2008 at 7:21 pm

That is such a blow to the backside and all over.
At least you will get a port put in. From all I’ve read and heard, that is a pretty sane way to go. From my own perspective, I’d really appreciate it as I HATE NEEDLES? and can’t watch, just ‘feel’ during the ‘process’. After four years it’s harder to find good sites and I do believe my infusion nurse takes it as a matter of pride to ‘get’ me on the first try. SIGH.
I can understand about the ‘eye’ things…I was tested out the wazoo by a neuro-opth for my problems, which ‘whew!’ abated, but sometimes come back and they are scary as beyond HECK! Got a sort of diagnosis of ‘non-aura’ migraines for the vision issues, but as I said they’ve pretty much gone and I am not complaining about it all for sure. That testing did rule out anything extra about cardiac, vascular and a whole slew of other things….I too did go thru that 3+ hour eye exam and then another for a ‘second opinion’ from another expert.
As for the cardiac stuff? Too many docs isolate that aspect from the other issues: one can affect the other and vice versa. Prod them gently w/’stupid questions’ about this…this way you don’t let them know that you are on to them and MISSING stuff. It can be related and it can be key and very important.
Sure hope this helps and keep us up to date please… Shouldn’t have to go thru this stuff this way! EVER.