Can I deduce that you were on antibiotics

August 26, 2009 at 8:07 pm

Following or even prior to your surgery? Some anti-b’s can contribute to problems that might have been possibly ‘developing’ before, during or in concert with all else thats been going on. It happens and cannot be either, as a rule, predicted or prevented per se. In the meantime? Count your blessings that you MADE IT! And, PT and other testings and work will be very hard to do-don’t give up! EVER!!!!!!!!!! Learn and respect your limits.
I don’t blame you for fighting to get outta rehab! I was there for 3 weeks recently and while the PT was good? Food and all else was abhorrent!
Yes! Walking like a duck is common at first and sort of normal… I truly hope you find really GOOD PT folk who learn about your medical issues and can help you! Finding them is not as easy as it seems – be careful of therapists who want you to not only WORK? But, OVERACHIEVE….that gets us over-tired and-well things happen not to be considered. Say WHOA to the ‘achievers’-slow and steady gets better results and ask/demand for a home program [if outpatient] so you can work on stengthening at home. I’ve found that really helps!
Plan every trip in the wheelchair, every step on the walker and then each and every step using a cane [be super-sure that the cane is the right height, get PT folk who can/should help you or web it up under ‘canes’].
Now, lastly? Go give that child some special attention or a really special treat of some sort? Plus a heap of HUGS, wanted or not it [by that good kid] makes a difference in the long run.
Hang in there, work hard and keep at it! Do not ever lose faith in yourself tho, you know your body best!