Can I back you up a bit?

November 8, 2008 at 5:42 pm

You mite want to take a look at your neuro’s credentials? What does he specialize in? To me, it sounds as if his learning STOPPED once he went into practice and that he is NOT Listening to YOU!
Think of it this way? Second opinions are CHEAP! Finding good doctors is not?
Worth the checking around and finding a good doc that is a good ‘fit’ to you and your issues.

Web up ‘CIDP Info’ and look at the ‘diagnosis’ tab on that site. Things regarding diagnosis standards have changed in the last few years and that should help you a lot. This web site was not put together by some fringe element – it was put together as a result of many international conferences among neurologists who really care about those of us with CIDP.

Should you try to make an appointment w/another neuro and the wait time is long? Ask if you can be on a ‘cancellation’ list. It can really help! If you can be there on short notice. [Like a day or two?]
In the meantime? Ask for and GET copies of all your test results ‘for your records’ and then have copies of those [keep your own set!] for any new opinion you encounter. Some tests, actually most tests a new doctor will want to have done by his own people at/to his own standards. Docs are fussy this way. Besides, results can vary according to the equipments they are done with.

Don’t be shy to ask questions! Refuse being put off and GET ANSWERS! Having had cancer issues as well? Well – let me tell you those docs don’t put you off at all! Why should neuros? Doesn’t make sense to me at all, at all!

Hope this helps to some bit.