can completely relate !

November 14, 2010 at 3:25 am

hey, iv been a wall from this site for awhile but just saw this post, hope u check for more updates and see this..

I was hit with GBS when i was 17, im now 22… i was a super active girl all my life and everything came naturally to me. the last 4 years have been a crazy slow recovery process for me i still need a wheel chair for long diistances or days im just to tired. i have NO sensation anywhere on my body. (try walking when u cant feel ur feet) LOL…. i also deal with alot of pain on a regular basis i was on gabapentin (how ever its spelt) for the first year post GBS but have since then stoped taking it because it upset my tummy. i now take Oxycocet (when the pain gets realy bad) but like many say its a narcotic…. my opinion is if it lets me function and do what i need to get done in the day then im fine with it…. (my GBS doc agrees)

I totaly get what ur saying about feeling like people dont understand and can relate because u (dont look sick) i found this story and i find it helps amazingly when im trying to explain to people ill atach the link at the end. there are so many days whn i wish i could just be normal again and do all he things i should be doing.. im 22 and i still havent had a part time job i dont have energy or endurance for it (YET)

I feel like iv blabbed on and on but when read ur post i just felt like u were explaining my life ! id love to chat with u more… its nice having someone ur AGE … not to say all GBS survivors cant relate but when ur at the same point in life its different. so if u wanna MSN me [email][/email] or if u search me on FB Cynthia Barber

i wish u all the best if i dont here from u

(the link to the story)