But what about the high altitude/pressure with flying?

December 9, 2006 at 8:36 am

Hi guys-
I am too new with CIDP, and have been reading and reading through current and past forum issues, (having been confirmed with the final dx of CIDP in JAN06, and finding your forum only in the spring of 2006.
So, I am still learning alot, though I have a body that is failing me. C’est la vie.

But, I remember running into some topics about flying, or being in high altitude places, (i.e. Colorado), and it seems like the end result was that flying or high altitude can bring on flair ups.
Having been through an especially bad flair this past August, I shudder at even putting my body near that type of possibilty or taking a chance.
Before CIDP came along, I travelled the world, going to Europe especially quite often, sometimes going for long weekends, (my family is of Scottish decent, and have gone back to see the “old clan” often.
But now I chalk it all up to life’s past experiences, and treasure special moments from different places of the world. Every time we would travel, instead of usual souvenirs, we would buy art pieces, or something that part of the world was known for. And when I see it on the wall, or run across something while looking for something else, it brings back fond memories.

But now I shudder at even attempting it. I have thought about train travel, since I always enjoyed trains in Europe. That is a possibility I might do later next year. But, air travel is not like it used to be. The U.S. airlines treat it’s passengers like garbage now, and the security process is now something almost unbearable for handicapped people. I was waiting for a relative to come in once, and while at the airport, I saw security put a wheelchaired person through hell once, even making the person have her companion lift her out of the wheelchair into another chair, so security could go through the wheelchair. They spent at least 45 minutes on that person. It was very degrading.

But, please let me know what the reality is about that high altitude/pressure with flying. I go by a consensus alot, through reading your forum issues, and helps me daily life’s activities.