Burning pain…

December 13, 2008 at 11:19 am

I know that pain, as I had it for two years when my CIDP first began; and I was on 3600 mg of neurontin at that time. It was so bad I seriously asked my doctor if I could have my feet amputated, as it didn’t look as if I would ever walk again anyways. The strange thing is I had absolutely no feeling below the knees at that time.
If neurontin doesn’t work for you, I know others have tried Cymbalta or Topamax with success and relief. Are you currently getting IVIG or other treatments? Do you have relapsing/remitting CIDP or the progressive form? If I knew more I could help you more… About the hands, do whatever treatment you can get to help slow down the active CIDP, as I went for 2 1/2years without any usable function of my hands, it was way worse than being in a wheelchair, trust me you don’t want that to happen…