Burning of hands

December 17, 2008 at 11:09 am

I ,too,experience severe burning feeeling,especially if I use my hands too much. I find that wearing gloves at night can help, along with taking arthritis strength Tylanol. I also will take a darvacette or lortab when necessary to get some rest.I am in the 3rd year of ivig,s ,down to two every 4 weeks. I do not use any premeds or cortisons. I feel like I have hit a wall regarding complete recovery. I still have a significant loss of balance and loss of feeling in my legs below the knees. I can’t do much without getting shortness of breath. As a 77 year old I feel like 102,howver I still kep moving by doing some consulting work and singing in the church choir. I sure hope that someone has some words of wisdom re recovery.