February 5, 2008 at 7:07 pm

What level of functioning is your Mom at? Is she able to walk and do some things independently? Can she drive? What about bending over?
Is your Mom an animal lover and have you had pets in the past?
Has she ever expressed an interest in owning a small dog?
An animal, even a small dog, is a lot of responsibility. They require a lot of play time and attention and going out for walks or in a yard that is fenced.
A Yorkie is a failry hyper dog and you may want to consider one
that is less hyper but still small, esp if she is sick. Some Yorkie yaps a lot.
After all of these questioins or what portion is yes, You may want to discuss it with her first.
An indoor cat is easier to take care of then a dog. But, must be kept indoor and that means littler boxes. There are some breeds of cats that are very much like a dog in personality and want to be with the owner at all times
My Mom is 84 and she got a small daucshound, 14 lbs, three years ago and it has been the best thing for her. Wish she would of listened to her children and got the dog 10 years ago. But, she and the dog are nuts about each other and it has been great mentally and physically for her.
I hope your Mom realizes what a great, considerate daughter she has and h ow much you love her. God has blessed her with you.:)