BRRRR…C.I.D.P.=cold body (lol)

November 19, 2006 at 1:03 pm

Hi Natesmom,
I am in San Diego County, (I live in Oceanside).
I always had a normal body temperature, (98.6), prior to the onset of C.I.D.P.
Now my normal body temperature is 97.2 !!
I was told that because it hit my autonomic system, as well as whacking out the autoimmune system, that’s what has thrown off my body temperature.
My legs and feet are always cold. Sometimes it takes me two hours under two blankets, to finally get warm in bed. And I ALWAYS sleep with a blanket, no matter what the season.
I love taking a HOT, HOT shower, as it makes me feel warm. BUT (!!!), I must be very careful now–I can no longer take a hot shower as heat is the main aggravation of C.I.D.P., and can bring on a flair. Many times after I take a shower, I have to go and rest on the bed, as I am very weak after it. I can only take a luke warm shower. I was told to NEVER use a hot tub due to the heat aggravation. So, it is like a catch 22…I need the heat to warm up, but can’t due to the C.I.D.P.
…c’est la vie…