Breathing Problems Resulted in CIDP Diagnosis

June 1, 2011 at 4:18 pm

After years of having numbness in toes and muscle spasms/weakness in legs, I was told to get plenty of exercise and wear thick socks. The local doc thought I had Raynaud’s which causes spasms in the blood vessels. Then I developed asthma and chronic bronchitis which led me to see a pulmonologist in 2006. In his thorough exam he noticed some neurologic changes and referred me to a neurologist and I was eventually diagnosed with CIDP by another neurologist in 2010. From the discussions that I have read many of you were diagnosed with CIDP first then the respiratory problems began. To me the respiratory symptoms caused the docs to take notice and led to my diagnosis of CIDP. The progression of my CIDP has been very slow thus misdiagnosis along the way. Now I am on IVIG and have regained some of the strength and a slight increase in sensation. And guess what??? I have not had a bout with bronchitis since beginning treatment last summer. I do keep my asthma inhalor handy but have noticed that the need for it is farther apart. As a whole my breathing has improved dramatically.