Brain lesions in CIDP -> what the studies show

November 24, 2009 at 11:15 am


There was a small UK study in 1990 that showed 14 of 28 CIDP patients had brain lesions of some sort. Only 6 of them showed symptoms of CNS issues.

A similar study in Japan in 2007 showed similar results. Of the 18 CIDP patients, 5 had abnormal MRIs and another had CNS issues found through a different method. (I read the whole paper, but I’m not a medical doctor, and couldn’t quite decide what fraction of the 5 with abnormal had CNS-related symptoms.)

Anyway, having an MRI that shows lesions (aka “white spots”) doesn’t seem to be unusual for CIDP patients and doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Cheers, hughwilliams.

Here are URLs for the abstracts:



(you need to try a library at a college or similar to get the whole paper.)