Brain lesions can occur from many things…

May 17, 2007 at 8:46 pm

I have lesions on my brain, and MRIs show them to be OLD..I trace them to various head injuries as a teen and later as an adult…all well before any hint of CIDP.
What I think neuros look for are new lesions, possibly caused by a recent attack by the neuro-autoimmune system on the brain meyelin…In my case, I’d old lesions = good. If I’d new lesions, I am sure I would have far more tests than I had…
From all I’ve read, yes, other immune issues can develop. In my case it is the thyroid…as to when the thyroid went over the hedge to an IMMUNE issue is up for debate…but it’s there, it’s been treated correctly all along because of the IVIG and meds and there’s not a whole much else to do about it. If I were to develop one of the many other auto-immune problems that the hay-wire defense system can think of, well I’m super alert to the possibility. I’ve read a lot on MS boards, and I can find no one instance of CIDP+ MS. Small comfort, I believe?
BUT, one can learn a LOT about how to live with the pain, and a LOT of research about nerve pain being done for MS sufferers benefits US… We aren’t isolated souls in the pain department, just different sorts of pain.
IN the end, I don’t think MS is on the future roadmap. But, we can learn about it and share what we all have in common…the pain.
Good thoughts!