bouncing mind games

May 29, 2007 at 1:23 am

i find that my long term memory has also been affected. and the words are stuck in there somewhere also. i think the worst ive done was call my son’s present girlfriend by his past girlfriend’s name.:o i could feel it coming out but couldnt stop it before it was blurted out. it stopped both of them in thier tracks and i felt obligated to kinda explain so they didnt think it was on purpose.;) but it was an honest accident. usually i cant pull a word up from the old word bank and just sit there with a blank look while i try to find it. sometimes it never comes tho. good to know im not alone. also the right/left thingy and the on/off thingy. or easy mathmatical equations ive used for years. my bill paying went down the drain but am putting extra effort into it so i can keep doing it. i can also tell a difference when i change meds. luck to all, barbara