Boston Neurologists

December 17, 2009 at 11:43 pm

So, you are looking for a third opinion? A few years ago there was a thread on this forum entitled Best CIDP Doctors with a post that mentions three neurologists in Boston who have particular expertise in diagnosing and treating CIDP, [url][/url] . I see Dr. Amato and would certainly recommend him. Dr. Gerson has been recommended by a patient of his who posts here. By the way, Dr. Ropper is now at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, not St. Elizabeth’s, and reportedly counts among his patients Michael J. Fox and Ozzy Ozborne. Recently, somebody recommended a Dr. Cohen at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. I’m sure there are other specialists in this area who are good with CIDP patients, particularly at the big teaching hospitals downtown, but these are the local doctors who I have seen favorably mentioned here. And if you do not happen to have CIDP, I would hope that they would help figure out what you do have.

Good luck,