Bone marrow transplant

May 10, 2008 at 6:28 pm

Hi Julie,
This article was very interesting.
CIDP is wreaking havoc with my body, and my health is in decline. Besides attacking my arms and legs, it attacked my autonomic system, knocking off the nerves that control each organ, one by one.
The normal protocol of steroids, then IVIG, then Plasmaphereses, has all failed with me. I am now on high-dose Chemotherapy, (for the past 9 months so far). My doctors told me two summers ago, that I had about two years left to live, since it attacked the autonomic system.
The interesting thing, is that my neuro. told me that if the chemo. does not work, then he has only one thing left that he could try: a bone marrow transplant.
After reading this article, I am now wondering if this WOULD be a good plan of action. Since MS is a sister disease to CIDP, (one affecting the CNS, the other affecting the Peripheral Nerve System), this seems like it might work.

I also remember about 1 1/2 years ago, reading and applying for the stem cell research they were doing, in I think it was a medical center in Minnesota or Michigan…I can’t remember where now. I attempted to apply for it, but even though it was government sponsored, each patient had to pay all costs involved. The insurance companies would not cover the costs, as it was considered “research” and not a normal protocol, so you basically had to be rich to enter the program, since it was going to cost thousands of dollars.
But, I am wondering how the end results or how that program is going. Has anybody heard?
Thanks for the info, Julie.