Blanching patterns are permanent

July 27, 2007 at 10:32 am


Do these markings become more noticable some times more than others?[/QUOTE]

Hi Alison,
the blanching markings are permanent, (not Raynaud’s phenomenon), however they can be made to become more obvious by causing vasodilation in surrounding skin, (vasoconstriction is more obvious if surrounded by vasodilation). In the images of my neck I slapped the skin to cause it to redden (vasodilation) which caused the blanching pattern (vasoconstriction) to become more obvious.

Hair does not grow on the blanching lines, (presumably due to the continuous vasospasm restricting blood flow to the follicles).
So the patterns on my face and neck are more obvious if I have not shaved for a day or two, as the white bald blanched lines are then surrounded by dark stubble. In the images of my neck I have shaved my face, but not my neck.

The blanching pattern on my neck, on the carotid pulse point, reminds me of a spiral of peel from an apple/orange,
(if that’s not too Rorschach-esque).