Blame game

April 30, 2010 at 9:12 pm

Selahsmom….. It’s hard for me to imagine going through something like GBS by one’s self, without having faith, family or friends to help us in those darkest days. I’m fortunate to have had all three.

I know what you mean about seeing people in wheelchairs….When I see someone in public in a wheelchair, I have several thoughts that have gone through my mind….from that was me 8 months ago, to do you have GBS?, to what happened to you?…..and finally empathy.

I have tried not to play the blame game with GBS…did my best to accept it…In your case especially, there is no good reason for children to suffer…….I wrote to Cathie that from a scriptual standpoint it rains on the good as well as the bad of this earth. But there may be little solace in that for you when your child is hurting. I do find comfort on those hard days being able to give my problems over to God. I’m not talking about having a magic wand to make all the hurt go away, just the strength to cope with that difficult moment I am having. I pray that your child will soon experience relief from this terrible menace and begin the path to a normal life.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts……on the cloudy days I remind myself that 20,000 feet above, the sun is as bright as ever….I hope that soon the burden and numbness will be lifted from your heart. Take Care………