Billt –

October 28, 2006 at 11:05 am


Do you have a copy of the letter you used to get your dr to sign or some template maybe that I can use. Since I can;t figure out a way to print the SSDI app so I can use that as a rule of thumb of what to put it in. I know you said you had put together a great letter and your dr signed it happily on his letterhead. I am going to be taKING STD first so I have to have a letter from the dr for that and then when I apply shortly after I go on STD for the SSDI, I need another good letter for the dr. Can you provide me maybe with a copy of yours so I can see what all types of things you put in it? That would give me a great start since my mind is so confused and messed up right now I cant even think straight.