Better to be home!

April 24, 2008 at 10:44 am

I am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. I haven’t progressed to that state yet and I hope I don’t. I will say my symptoms have been getting progressively worse including my typing – thank God for spell check. Going up and down the stairs is such a chore. Fortunately I am able to work from home but once I come down to my “home office” I pretty much stay here unless I have to trudge up to the bathroom.
I tried the ivIG and it didn’t work for me as didn’t the prednisone and am weaning off of that now. I am waiting to hear back from the neurologists office to schedule me for P/WE… I am hoping that may do the trick for me. This is a terribly frustrating disease – especially for someone who was quite active and now is reduced to almost being an invalid. I use a cane for walking and am having a more difficult time standing up from a sitting position.

So, hang in there, Try to stay cheerful – I know I get very frustrated but I can only hope it will get better.


I’m backing home from hospital, and at that very moment I don’t feel very cheerfully.:(

I’ve spent there about 10 days, meanwhile the doctors decided what treatment give me.

They don’t want to give the IGV so frequently, so they did all the test again, and finally decided to give another IGV doses, Prednisona (50 mg) and Imurel (50 mg).

Now wait, and start from the beginning because I almost can’t write and I need some help to walk an to do usual things, feeling very tired and sleeping hours and hours.

I know I can’t complaint very much because many of you would like to be as I am now, but I fell as I had come back to hell.

I just wanted to vent to someone who really understand me and can fell how I fell now.

Thank you for being there and sorry for my complaints:o