Best X-mas present

December 8, 2008 at 11:37 pm

This is the best X-mas present ever. I got my best friend and soul mate back. I had no idea what a chronic excruciating pain can do to a person. Carol just was not herself anymore for a long time, limping, cranky, short tempered, sullen, no longer singing, joking, teasing. She was not the person I married. I love her and it was difficult to see her in pain all the time. Being in a wheelchair and needing her help made it harder. Only alcohol seemed to help her for a short while but effects wore off all too fast. Even worse, the alcohol more often than not made her act weird.

Thanks to you all I knew about Neurontin and brought it up during her last doctor visit. She has been taking it for several weeks now and it has made an unbelievable difference. It’s not perfect and there is still some pain but the Carol I’ve known for over 30 years is back. Doing things together is fun again. Joking around on our trips today to get my toenails trimmed at the podiatrist, picking up my prescriptions at Sam’s Club and having pizza there, finding a gas station with $1.41 for regular, it was just like old times.

Since gasoline is so cheap right now and Carol hopefully can now handle the driving, we will be going to Oklahoma this weekend to spend the holidays with her mom and sister who will be visiting with her two boys from Houston.

Happy holidays to you all and thank you for sharing.