Being supportive

June 27, 2008 at 10:06 pm

I also want to add my support and well wishes. I hope tremendously for you that this might be what is the problem, because after days of being really tough, you will get better and getting better is the hope in all of this. The mind is a powerful thing–for good and for confusion. We admire your strength to try so hard to get better. Through all this, I have often found myself hoping that it was originating from my mind because I then would know it was not permanent and could get better. Even more often I have hoped it all was just a nightmare and that I would wake up and it be over. It takes strength and courage to face that this might be a consequence of the complexities of interaction of mind and body or even that part of it might and to put aside pride enough to tell people in order to get their support in this. We are not alone. Hang in there.

WithHope for cure of these diseases