Been there but…

December 13, 2008 at 5:00 pm

it was for a different med issue?
Thing is… meds you take for ‘this’ can interfere with what you take for ‘that’ if you aren’t careful and aware. I’d found out YEARS after I’d been taking one med and one supplement, that the two should NOT be taken together or one or the other’s effects are increased or more likely decreased. Frustrating? Yes, but it’s alerted me to be cautious about every single med I take! I try to take each med or supplement at least 30 minutes apart and since the med/suppl. list is large? This is an all day project!
That said, on my first round of meds for another major issue I went what I felt to be whacko. Read up on the s/e’s and sure enuf I wasn’t the only one to have this issue. I felt as if I had grown FANGS! I don’t. Far from it! Doc wanted to put me on Effexor…[read the list of s/e’s? said No thanks. Thanks!] I chose to go to the herbal route…chammomile tea [tastes like grass, but, works] and 5-HTP-which I take only occasionally [available at herbal or vitamin stores], valerian in a hot broth is supposed to be useful too, tho I’ve not tried it myself. Since It’s not often nor consistent and the s/e’s are far less than ‘official’ meds… It’s cool with me…tho I don’t tell my docs I take it. I suspect they’d write me off as a worse flake than IF I were on the Effexor. Go figger. I’d research it tho, if I were you for s/e’s as some folks with heart issues can have problems. For me, tho so far, none have happened to date at all.
I understand that ‘boiling point’ tho… it seems to come out of nowhere! Doesn’t it? And, worse yet, it’s like you’ve no control over it all. Dang it all. Why do we have to have this ilk? Hugs and hope and super good thoughts throughout the ‘transitions’ or whatever they are…. You deserve these for being so steadfast in getting on with this all.