Been a really good day today!

August 27, 2008 at 5:34 pm

It’s been a really good day for me today. No nasty fatigue doping off to sleep in the recliner. Actually cleaned a few rooms. And got myself a good dinner tonight. Hands are not as bad as they have been.
And today the one leg that is very badly damaged with nerve damage and I have barely been able to feel anything in that leg except for tight band feeling. Hard to explain but one leg is worse than the other leg. Both legs have nerve damage. But my left leg has been the worst.
Right after my surgery on my spine, I actually was getting feeling back in that leg from the surgery. Then the attack came on my nervous system. Both of my legs would shake and buckle even sitting on a toilet. Could not even get up off the toilet without having to pull on something to get me up. And then my legs got all dead feeling. Arms too but legs caught it bad!
Don’t know if I’m getting a nerve coming back to life or if one is trying to die. But underneath my foot it keeps twitching and I can feel something. I can feel it twitching like it is a live nerve. Not a dead one!
So weird! I wonder what our doctors are thinking when we tell them something like this! 😀 Poor doctors! Or should I say poor me!