BCBS Medicare Reimbursement

August 17, 2011 at 12:25 pm

[QUOTE=Anastasia52]Clare — My bc/bs did pay a portion of travel and living expenses. They did not advertise that (as you can imagine); I had to do a little digging. Of course, all plans are different, but you (and Linda) might just check with the transplant/bariatric surgery people at bc/bs. It’s a separate division with its own case workers, etc.

I had my plane fare reimbursed (up to one year post sct); $50/night for my hotel and grounds transportation to/from the hotel. No in-town travel reimbursement nor food. But every little bit helps!!


In another thread, or two, commenting on Medicare, I commented that it “…is a big deal…” to determine who is your primary Insurance in those case where an insured has both Medicare and Private Insurance (not a supplemental plan).

Here is why. When Medicare is Primary, BCBS will not reimburse Transplant travel and lodging costs. Why? If BCBS were your Primary, then they require you to have the “transplant” done at a BCBS Center of Excellence. Thus, they consider the travel and lodging (over 50 miles from home) to be at their request.

This is not the case when Medicare is Primary.

At any rate, Sharon’s advice is good. Ditto for her caution that every BCBS Plan is different.

Find out what coverage you are eligible for.