July 14, 2008 at 11:31 am

Hey, you guys-boy everyone has been at the tavern while I was sleepin!! Guess I better straightin up so I don’t lose my job:D Ok Jan, will have a bunch of Molson Canadian cooing for you, might need more than one if you have had a bad day. And if I ply enough drinks into you guys, you can think I’m Raquel-well it might take more than a few. I am 5’9″, blonde, blue eyed, and my weight didn’t quite get distributed like Raquel’s, but with all the gizmos out there I could plop a lot up there, tuck in some here and there, and wahl-la, I’m a blonde Raquel. OK Norb, I will drive careful(didn’t I read a little while ago that you went into your car too fast, hit toe, had blood, hee-hee?)-guess I better substract last call on your wine!!! ( Or make you up a first aid kit). I can go with Kevin Cosner too-even George with or without the smile, like the older guys though. And I think I will hire Arnold for our tavern bouncer when he gets done with his govenor stint. Heck, Arnold can just carry us up the stairs to sleep off our happy hour drinking sprees. I’ll gladly share my bartender job-it’ll only take one of my tavern drinks on my shaky days-let’s see – one eyeball of rum-oops-two eyeballs, you get the idea. There is no such thing as a bad drink in this tavern. Hey Norb, who’s doing the music tonight and what are you dancing? Gotta go get a cup of coffee. Ya know, as much as I love stories, I would be a good bartender, and who hears more stories than a bartender? Ok, got Jackie’s round delivered to you all, shout when you’re ready for another one.;) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Emma