Barre = bear

February 24, 2007 at 4:05 pm

I asked someone who spoke French the correct pronunciation and she said it was “Ghee N Bear”. So the first time I got it in ’86, I was so frustrated of paying medical bills going from doctor to obnoxious neurologist that I bought a Furskin bear so at least I could see something tangible for the money I was spending. Of course, he was named Ghee N. Bear.

This second time I got GBS in September 06 I found an uncanny number of people who know someone who had it – the newspaper lady, the oil man, the lady I called about using my sick days, my brothers friend, a woman at the hospital complaint dept., a doctor friend, a stock broker, my grief counselor, a teacher – that’s at least NINE people that I needed to call in the last four months that knew someone. WHat is nice is that you don’t have to say another word and they understand what you are going through. WHat is bad is that GBS seems to be getting more and more common.

Steve, do I count as one or two in the study since I had it twice? I had a friend’s ex-wife who was a supervisor of nurses argue that it couldn’t be GBS because you cannot get it twice. So he believed her – who never had it – and didn’t believe me – who had it before and read up on it for twenty years. Go figure. I hate how people think doctors cannot be wrong.