Bare Foot

June 25, 2009 at 4:57 pm

My family doctor suggested going bare foot as much as poosible. And in our sticky summer heat it does sound like a good idea.

However, even though bare feet feel fine/numb during the day, they seem to burn/hurt MUCH worse at night. On the other hand, wearing shoes with thin socks in the heat makes my feet ache/stab during the day. Sandals with or without socks feel like buzz saws.

It was snowing in Yellowstone (in June!) so the thick diabetic socks and well fitting heavy walking shoes was a good combo. The park was soooo beautiful that it was hard to restrict myself to the easy short walks. I would have loved to go on the longer walks to the less frequented sights. When (if) I get well I am definitely going back to see and photograph more of Yellowstone and Teton parks.

There are a couple of surgical supply stores here that I am going to check for the thin diabetic socks. I don’t want to shop online because I don’t want to accidentally purchase the super tight compression socks – I just want a softly supportive stretch anklet.