bacteria and parrasites.

February 12, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Hello Dawn I dont know if this will help , but I went on a mission trip as a crew leader to porta rica. When all of us got back we all started having bowell problems to the point that i got a colonoscopy and was dx with diverticuli . Well I went to this holistic dr and he put me on high dose of aregano. The treatment was for 6 weeks.He said that It is probably caused by a parisite out of the country. He said most people have them .get them from eating out and leaving the country. He said the parisites burro into your intestine ounce amonth to lay there eggs by the moon cicle. and thats why you have to do the treatment before the full moon and halfway into the next cicle. Its sounds hokey pokey but it worked for me . no more divertitic attacks. I was hospitalized twice because of it. Aregano at high dose kills the parisites.He said most people have em and dont know it . Also he said in Europe 100 years ago people treated themselfs for parrasites all the time and in this country they no longer do.
Take care