April 5, 2010 at 10:15 am


I remembered the drug that helped with the leg cramps. It was [COLOR=”Red”][B]BACLOFEN.[/B][/COLOR] This drug helps by increasing spasticity in the tendon reflexes.


No, I do not have the same neurologist…in fact, you could say I had no neurologist.:rolleyes: And yes, I have all my medical records and ridiculous beliefs of the first neuro. There’s a long story here, but when I had the staphylococcuss Aureus, an infection specialist was tracking down exactly what type infection it was. It came back to be endocarditis, an infection that attacks the valves of the heart. When they called my cardiologist he looked at me and said, “he has Guillain-Barre.” He is from India and as a child his cousin had GBS. He went into one of the tubes (probably the lungs) and actually looked at my heart and the valves were fine. I might add I did have over 4 months of in patient therapy followed by another 4 months of out patient therapy 3xweek. And from the time I had the dexterity to use my fingers, I stared reading about GBS, flu shots (how I got GBS), etc., etc. I actually diagnosed my own CIDP, but could not convince my pcp or neurologist. I live 13 miles from Louisville, KY so made my own appt with UofL Neurology and was dx’ed CIDP and have been getting IVIg treatments since.

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