Back to Cheryl and posting pictures

August 19, 2006 at 5:00 pm

Elvis aka Soapy is way ahead of me. You don’t need to store your pictures at “myspace” as I suggested in an earlier post which I just deleted. He found a storage place you can use. I am testing it now with a picture of my granddaughter.


Right click on it and get properties. Use the web address through the first “/” since I am not allowed to post web addresses. That gives you the site to go to. Upload your photo. Don’t forget to click the resize button and remov image size bar. After it is finished it takes you to your picture. Right click on it, get properties, hilight the address, copy and paste it here enclosed in [IMG][/IMG]. Instead of getting “properties” you also can use the address they give you next to the picture.

If you are planning to keep using that free service I would suggest to register. This way you can keep track of your pictures.

Again, I’d be happy to explain it in more detail.