Back home

February 2, 2011 at 10:22 am

What a good feeling it is to be out of rehab and back home. I came home yesterday feb1, 8 days earlier than rehab estimated, but didn’t do much except lie around as I had fatigue and really wobbly. Hands are still a bit numb and my toes and the balls of my feet feel like there is cotton stuffed into my socks. They are weaning me off the gabapentin…good.
Did I have bouts between 2005 and now?…not really,except to say that it took a long time to get back to ‘normal’ and overdoing it led to a staggering kind of walk. So this was considered to be ADIP. The faster recovery rate to this point is probably due to IVIG getting started earlier this time around.Strength testing–on the weekend I managed two very difficult pushups, today eight, so there is good progress.
Wow-I cannot imagine having this a third time-the odds are really in your favour now (of NOT getting it again…thank goodness for you, and us all)
By the way—one of my symptoms was high blood pressure, which has now returned to normal. Did anyone else experience the same? Just curious.
Also, in retrospect, there were early signs of GBS, I mean before the great weakness.
Mine were, and I wondered about them but some were transient and over a period of a week or more before the big downward spiral:
-light flashes with the eyes closed (I take this to be nerve activity of some sort) (transient)
-cold feet (transient)
-difficulty releasing bladder (requiring catheterisation in hospital)
-high blood pressure
-wobbly walking (transient)
It wasn’t until suddenly on arising one morning, walking was awkward and weakness set in as well as numbness in hands did I know it was a recurrence.