Back Home a Minute

July 23, 2009 at 9:30 pm

OK-Jer, We are going to tour our State of Michigan, start with a Tiger game, have some beer and peanuts and hot dogs. Then on for a tour of our Great Lakes. End up in the U.P. and visit the uppers, and see all the beautiful Falls. On our way back down, we’re getting off at the Bridge and hop in our 38′ Hunter and sail over to Mackinaw Island for their brunch and have the best room in the Grand Hotel overnight and begin our journey across the Atlantic to see Allaug on her island in Norway. You steer and I’ll man the sails., shoot for a 38footer we can have a great crew join us and we can sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic. Don’t know how many GBS dollars we’ll need, but I know we’ll have enough.Take Care Jer.