back and fingers

November 19, 2008 at 6:58 am

Hi Linda and Dawn,

Linda, thanks for sharing and giving me some idea as what to expect. I certainly show signs of impatience. It is all new to me so I don’t know what the heck to expect. I try to be optimistic hoping to see improvement but I have done that before only to be let down. I want to say things are helping but pain reduction alone isn’t alway improvement.

Since taking the steroids my back ache seems to have tapered off. At the symposium it was becoming unbearable, I couldn’t sit still, rutching around only finding relief with ice and legs up on pillows, weight totally off my legs. That seems to have subsided slowly the last ten days and is almost gone or not noticeable by the time I am down for the night. Thats positive because it totally distracted my mind.
As far as the fingers, My outer two finger RH are the real bad ones, the palm of my hand out to the tips, I sometimes can’t type right. this is due to the Ulnar conduction block at my elbow. The thumb, index and middle of both hands are reduced in sensitivity and more bothersome with reduced sense of touch, and feel partially numb.
Basically when I put my palm down on the table and tap my fingers like in the impatient way, they hurt, taking the meds makes things feel different but I can’t tell if it is better or worse. Driving me nuts. The only definitive for sure thing would be if all the pain, numb feeling and touch returns to normal.

I developed new numbness in my RH heal that prompted me calling in back before the symposium and we did EMG #4 that showed chronic active blockages at area previously tested indolent. C/V slowed at the blockages, the nerves below the blockage seemed good. I have Blockages in both peroneals at the fibrular head, the RH hamstring area above popliteal fossa and RH elbow.
So for now the back feels better, the hands feet and fingers are the same.
I can’t toe walk LH but can RH. and can do ten toe raised both feed combined.

Dawn, I can’t even image how you do with that boy of yours, I can’t even tell what is going on with me never mind you trying to figure out what your son Kevin is feeling and how to interpret that. You must have to watch like hawk for everything and then segregate what he tells you when he tells you.
My 18 daughter is having a bout with abdominal cramps and pain, and we are having a heck of a time understanding what she feels and is going through so we can act properly at the specialist. So you moms and dads of these kids must really have keen perception of things.
See Ya’s-tim