baby steps

May 16, 2008 at 4:00 am

heh gab111,
hang in there, the last time i had to learn to walk i really thought that was it. We all know you never know whats around the corner so to speak so keep positive and keeping pushing hard every day (of course within reason). – (you may be walking on your hands sooner than you think!!!)
I read your posts often and knew you were on similar treatments. Am also aware how hard it sometimes is to read others really positve posts about improvements when you may have had a crap day so to speak and seem to be getting no where. I have certainly been there tooo! Hopefully, touch plenty of wood I wont be going back in that direction but still I take each day as it comes. THe duathlon is exactly on the 1 yr anniversary of my legs collapsing walking the kids to school and being in ICU by that night, so a wee run and bike should be a fitting way to celebrate.
I look forward to hearing your successes, every wee achievement along the way is actually a huge accomplishment. I still start each day admiring the ease of which i can lift my arms up in the shower and to wash my hair etc all in one go. Such cheap thrills can go a long way huh!!!!!!
all the best
Kia kaha – stay strong
(and yes after the duathlon i will have to see if i can walk on my hands!!!!!!!!)