B12 is already part of his treatment

January 6, 2007 at 2:24 pm

Hi Everybody,

I just talked to my brother and mentioned the B12 therapy. He told me that they already have him on B12 therapy. He’s now in a rehab hospital and they give him pills, but at the other hospital they gave him an injection. He was only at that hospital for 5 days so I don’t know if he got more than one B12 injection while there.

ANYWAY — he was able to walk 14 feet yesterday and was able to “throw” his arm up over his head. I was happy to hear about his progress and especially happy to hear they are including B12 in his therapy.

The other supplement consideration I have him investigating (ie; ask his doctor) is vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has been in the news quite a bit and I’m sure you’ve all heard about a deficiency being implicated in autoimmune diseases.

When my brother came down with the bronchitis and was going to the doctor I told him to ask his doctor for a 25, hydroxy blood test to measure his current level. Well, with him getting GBS, he’s not sure if the lab ever did the test or not. I’m hoping they did so that we can measure where’s he’s currently at — I’m sure he needs to supplement. Well… this is a whole other discussion this vitamin D stuff — if anybody’s interested, let me know, and I’ll share what I’ve found out.

Best wishes…